Patient Testimonial – Charlotte

After 64 years of marriage, Charlotte H. knows that bodies can fail and mental faculties may struggle. Her beloved husband, James, has been treated for Alzheimer’s the past two years, and she makes it a habit to spend time with him every single day.

When she recently began to experience her own health problems, she found a way for them to still be together. Charlotte chose University Heights Health & Living Community for her rehabilitation, where James lives in the memory support area.

Now, instead of making the daily trip to the southside Indianapolis senior living community to see James, it’s a short trip down the hallway.

“It’s a great comfort to have us in the same place to get our needs met. I was used to visiting my husband every day, because after 64 years together, that’s all we know,” Charlotte said. “They made it doable for me to still be with him while getting my physical therapy. They went out of their way to make it happen.”

Charlotte recently had major surgery and after nearly three weeks in the hospital, she was transferred to University Heights for rehabilitation.

The staff helps her with everything, from getting out of bed — “I’m not a morning person!” she laughs — to a wide variety of therapy and exercises. There is walking, stationary bicycle riding and leg exercises, followed by arm and strength-building exercises.

She’s also been undergoing rehabilitation to help her resume everyday tasks: cooking, laundry, washing dishes, etc. Charlotte has also benefitted from speech therapy, memory exercises, and swallowing exercises.

Charlotte says she’s made tremendous progress, and is grateful to be on schedule to return home after just four weeks in rehabilitation. She’ll still be at University Heights every day — but as a visitor to see James.

“I am so thankful to University Heights. They have met my every need above and beyond all expectations,” she said.